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    At Helik we have solved several cases related to:
  • Signature analysis on cheques, wills and all legal documents.
  • Fingerprint decryption and de-duplication.
  • Psychological profiling of rape victim, in-house theft, Crime Scene Investigation etc.
  • Lie detection test in case of Arson.
  • Speaker (voice) identification cases related to threat, bribe etc, and mobile forensic related cases.
  • Personality assessment and enhancement for recruitment and in-house profiling.
  • Crime Scene Management.

Forensics provides scientific aids in the detection of crimes there by modernizing the investigation methods. Forensic science is a multidisciplinary science using all branches of science in evaluating the mode of operandi, connecting the crime with the criminal and the crime scene. Forensic scientist visit crime scene which is the wealth of clue material to collect scientific evidences and carry out scientific analysis of the evidential material using the latest technology.


  • An ISO 9001: 2008 certified organization to provide premier forensic grade services.
  • HELIK Advisory Ltd., is spearheaded by an eminent and renowned forensic scientist Dr. (Mrs.) Rukmani Krishnamurthy, Ex-director, Directorate of Forensic Science Labs, Govt. of Maharashtra (Total Experience in Forensic Lab 35 years) ; " Ex- Technical Advisor, Institute of Forensic Science, Higher & Technical Education Dept., Govt. of Maharashtra. Ex-Senate Member of Mumbai University, Academic Council Member of GFSU.
  • Many honorable courts across India and even the honorable Mumbai High Court seek assistance and accept HELIK Expert opinion on different types of cases like Question Document Analysis, Handwriting and Signature verification, Polygraph Examination (Lie-detector), Speaker voice identification, Video Authentication, Mobile verification, cyber and digital examination cases.
  • Mumbai High Court has asked HELIK Advisory to assist Govt. of Maharashtra in curbing the Fake Ration card menace.
  • HELIK has been empanelled on Income Tax Dept., Govt. of India panel for providing professional forensic services during search and seizure operations.
  • HELIK has been empanelled on Bank of India and associate banks across India Panel for providing forensic services for bank related frauds.
  • HELIK has been the only private forensic organization which has been recognized as a Forensic Research Center of GFSU (Gujarat Forensic Science University) – Gandhinagar for its research capabilities and innovative research conducted by HELIK.
  • Young and Dynamic team of highly qualified and experienced forensic experts with years of hands-on-experience at Govt. Labs handling all major high profile cases like:
    • Document Examination: Telegi Stamp Paper Case, Fake Mark sheet Fraud, MPSC Police Recruitment Case etc.
    • Cyber Forensics: Cricket Betting Case, King Fisher Airlines Case, VSNL Corporate Espionage Case, Indian Mujahidin-Threatening E-mail Case etc.
    • Speaker (Voice) Identification: Malegaon Blast Case, Gangsters Ravi Pujari and Chhota Rajan Case etc.
    • Electronics Circuit Examination in Bomb Blast Cases including 26/11 blast.
    • Forensic Psychology: Personality Assessment, Lie Detector and BEOS (Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature) - Noted terrorists, Aditi Sharma and Dr. Mahajan Cases.

    Note: All the renowned Civil and Criminal Cases including above important Cases were solved in Mumbai Forensic Science Laboratory using innovative technologies by HELIK experts during their tenure with Govt. Lab under the guidance of Dr. Rukmani Krishnamurthy

  • HELIK is the first and only private forensic organization which has its own state-of-art laboratory spread across an area of 3000 sq. ft area at the prime location of Mumbai.
  • HELIK has dedicated laboratory for each service, with latest equipments:-
    • Forensic Document Examination Lab
    • Forensic Fingerprinting Lab
    • Digital Forensic Lab
    • Forensic Psychology Lab
  • HELIK has range of innovative forensic solutions and technologies which has been roped in after Dr. Rukmani Krishnamurthy visits to FBI, US & IRS (Internal Revenue Service)
  • Till now HELIK has given expert opinion in several cases for both legal and non-legal purposes.
  • Above all HELIK has an aim to take Forensic Science to common man in the form of Preventive and Social Forensic.