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Mobile Forensic Van

“Mobile Forensic Van” (MFV) is being launched by Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) and Helik Advisory Ltd which helps in reaching the crime scene at the earliest to assist the Investigating Officers (IOs) in identifying and collecting relevant forensic evidence from crime scene, victims & from suspects which are the primary sources of forensic evidence. The Mobile Forensic Team assists the Investigating Officer in linking the crime with the perpetrator through the forensic evidence, collected from the crime scene, victims and suspects.

Role of Crime Scene Management in Detection of Crime :

Forensic science begins at the crime scene. Certainty of detection of crime through forensic evidence can be deterrent for further commission of crime.

The “Mobile Forensic Van” is unique. It is air conditioned and is equipped with modern amenities to undertake spot tests in laboratory environment at the crime scene itself. It has all the facilities to assist the IOs in carrying out the preliminary spot tests and even in packing the collected forensic evidence. It has also the facility to sketch and take photographs of crime scene, both in still & video modes. It has all the latest forensic tools & kits along with the special Multi-tunable Light Source which has 8 different wavelengths, thereby enhancing the detection capabilities for Latent Fingerprints, Body Fluids, Hairs & Fibers, Gunshot Residues/ Explosive residues, bite marks, Questioned Documents, Tire Tracks, Shoe Prints, Narcotic Drugs, etc. Crime scene management experts, specially trained in GFSU, for this purpose, are available to manage the “MFV”.

The above total solution for crime scene management will lead to successful prosecution of criminal cases. Modern Mobile Forensic Technologies have provided forensic scientists with new skills and techniques to meet the challenges from Hi-tech crimes.

We have participated in Mobile Forensic Van tenders and Supplied Mobile Forensic Vans to :-
  • 2 Mobile Forensic Van at Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories, Rohini Delhi.
  • 13 Mobile Forensic Van at Directorate of Forensic Science, Gujarat State Gandhinagar
  • 45 Mobile Forensic Van to Maharashtra State Government.
  • 1 Mobile Forensic Vans to Nepal Government