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Helik Facilities

Helik is the first organization in Forensic and Allied services to have a full fledged laboratory of analytical grade with latest equipments in line with international standards as of FBI.
HELIK has a state-of-art laboratory spread across an area of 3000 sq. ft area at the prime location of Mumbai Central in the heart of Mumbai city.
Dedicated laboratory for each services, with latest equipments:-

    • Forensic Document Examination Lab
    • Forensic Fingerprinting Lab
    • Digital Forensic Lab
    • Forensic Psychology Lab.

To facilitate detection and investigations we have a comprehensive selection of analytical instruments for various types of analysis.
HELIK has a full-fledged research institute to develop the latest techniques in the field of Mind Brain Science to study the human behavior, Document examination, Signature and Handwriting examination, Finger Print Examination and Digital and Cyber etc Forensic using the latest techniques for the first time in the country.

Latent Fingerprint Development

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Psychology Department- polygraph test

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Fire scene Investigation

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Digital & Cyber Department-Audio video authentication

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