About Us

Helik Advisory is the first private Indian organization with an ISO certification in the area of Forensic and Allied services to have a fully equipped, world-class laboratory at par with FBI, USA. Helik is spearheaded by an eminent and renowned forensic scientist Dr. (Mrs.) Rukmani Krishnamurthy, Ex-director, Directorate of Forensic Science Laboratories (Total Experience in Forensic Lab), Ex-Technical Advisor, Institute of Forensic Science, Higher & Technical Education Dept., Govt. of Maharashtra.

Academic Council Member, Gujarat Forensic Science University, who has set up six world class Govt. forensic laboratories and three Govt. Institute of Forensic Science in Maharashtra. The board of advisors, comprising of eminent people from various domains like police force, judicial system, intelligence, forensic, information technology, financial sector etc.

  • Helik comprises of young and dynamic team of highly qualified core forensic experts with years of experience in handling heinous to white collar crimes in Govt. Forensic Labs and given evidences in court of law.
  • Helik handwriting and fingerprint services done by our qualified forensic experts using latest technology and have served the honorable courts across India.
  • Helik provides exclusive forensic services related to Digital, Cyber, Mobile, Tape (audio & Video), Speaker (Voice) identification and authentication by highly qualified experts.
  • Helik provides 'Forensic Psychology & Lie Detection' services by experienced Forensic Psychologists who has years of experience handling high profile National crime cases.
  • HELIK has been the only private forensic organization which has been recognized as a Forensic Research Center of GFSU (Gujarat Forensic Science University) – Gandhinagar for its research capabilities and innovative research conducted by HELIK.

The expert opinions of HELIK Forensic Experts are admissible in the court of law

HELIK Vision
  • To create a premier organisation in the field of forensic and allied sciences of international standards.
  • To take forensics to common man for a safer tomorrow.
  • To meet global requirements in the field of Forensic and Allied Sciences
HELIK Mission
  • Provide comprehensive forensic service with latest technology and equipments.
  • Serve the Judiciary and law enforcement agencies.
  • Address masses with the concept of Social and Preventive forensics.


  • Forensic science provides scientific aids for investigating nearly all types of crime. With the advancements of science, most of forensic science techniques modernize the investigation.
  • Forensic and Allied Sciences has no longer been just a science related to law and criminals; it has also entered into the day to day life of a common man.
  • White collar crimes have increased with use of latest technology
  • Huge number of pending cases in Govt. labs which is even to the extent of 2-5 years.
  • Individuals and organizations prefer to resolve their internal disputes without police intervention.
  • And all the clients / individuals do not have direct access to govt. forensic labs due to set procedures.
  • There is an utter need of public private forensic laboratory which has latest technology and aim to give time targeted reports assisting the law enforcement agencies and the individuals.
  • The very concept of private forensic organization was conceived and imbibed keeping in mind the standard practices of forensic science in developed countries like US and UK, where high grade private laboratories are the main source for providing forensic and allied services to the judicial, police, major corporate and FIs.
  • All private Forensic Labs should have proven credentials and expertise to handle the cases.

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