1. Audio/Video Authentication:
Audio / Video Authentication is a process that is used to ensures the integrity of recording and verifies that the audio/video recorded using it has not been tampered/altered/doctored.

2. Speaker (Voice) Identification:
Identifying an individual solely by his/her speech/voice is called "Speaker (voice) Identification" The aim of Speaker Identification is to identify the voice of an individual from an unknown speech sample compared with known sample.

For Audio: Noise Reduction, Voice Segregation of an individual/s, Removal of Background Noise etc. whereas For Video: Noise Reduction, Brightness/Contrast, Sharpening/Deblurring, Video Stabilization, Color Correction, Deinterlacing, Demultiplexing can be performed for Audio / Video Enhancement

To identify an individual from Video / Image submitted along with the standards submitted. For face identification different scientific features are studied and also enhancement is done in video or image if necessary.

  • Services:
    • Tape (Audio & Video) authentication - This is a process used to ascertain the trustworthiness of a digital video and verifies that the video has not been tampered.
    • Speaker (Voice) Identification - An individual can be identified solely on the basis of his or her voice and parameters such as pitch, energy, spectrogram, frequency etc.
    • Identification of faces / images/ photos from pictures, MMS, Video clips Eg.- Video Recordings from mobile, computer, CCTV, video recorders, SPY cameras in infidelity, theft, obscene mails, porn-images, edited, Morphed pictures etc
    • Video (Image) enhancement - This includes the improvement in the visibility of an image
    • Morphing in video / Image etc.
    • Stabilization
    • Analysis of other electronic devices
    • Expert Testimony

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