Govt. Bodies:

Helik with its wide range of services always puts forth its expertise and services to assist various law enforcement authorities in not only solving but also assist in curbing the increasing crimes.

  • Judicial:
    To keep pace with the updated techniques experts of Helik interact with judges and share their knowledge on the latest techniques through orientation programs.
  • Police:
    Right from managing a crime scene to processing the evidence with latest equipments in its high tech laboratory Helik has full facilities to assist these agencies in nabbing the actual culprits at a faster rate.
  • Law Enforcement Agencies:
    Law enforcement agencies entrusted to counter white collar, hi-Tech crimes require latest forensic services like audio/ video authentication, cyber forensics, and examination of various types of forged documents, anonymous letters etc. Also examination and enhancement of fingerprints with advanced instruments is very helpful in solving cases Psychological profiling through polygraph test (lie detector) is exclusively done at Helik by experienced forensic psychologist to reveal a person’s involvement in a crime.

Private Organizations:

Helik has a competent team for research and development of latest techniques and tools which also cater to the needs of private organizations.

  • Corporate H.R. Firms:
    H.R. departments of the organizations which are concerned with the recruitment of an individual can be highly benefited from an innovative tool called PAE (Personality assessment and Enhancement). This tool is developed for the first time in the country by the expert team of Helik after extensive research and validation which taps various personality traits of an individual which in turn enables the person to perform well for the company.
  • I.T. Firms:
    Forensic solutions related to data theft, source code theft, intellectual property theft, network forensics, etc. Forensic Solutions related to document examination, biometric fingerprint database management.
  • Financial Sector:
    Financial sector which includes banks and insurance companies have frequent complaints involving forgeries and fraud. With frauds happening at a very high rate in these organizations Helik with its team of experienced experts helps these organizations in minimizing the loss ratio. The expert team also maintains database for the insurance companies thereby checking for duplication of impressions as well.
  • Education Sector:
    Fake mark sheets authentication Individuals who have difficulty in accessing Govt. labs due to set procedures for scientific reports can make use of our services for easy access and quick reports.

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