HELIK PAE is an innovative tool designed for the first time in the country to measure personality traits, personal styles and behavioral inclinations. This kind of combination tool has been developed using two techniques - Psychometric test and Handwriting on the basis of qualitative analysis.

The focus of the PAE assessment tool is to combine two independent assessment methods and give more valid results to explore the performance of an individual in certain situations/organisations. The analysis tends to enhance understanding of an individual on his or her unique style of acting, reacting, feeling and thinking.

  • Advantages
    • Objectivity - dramatically reduce bias and personal perspective. More accurate representation of the candidate across many competencies - candidates are tested on actual demonstrated ability rather than their self report of ability.
    • Equality and fairness for all individuals (tests are standardised so that all individuals receive the same treatment).
    • Increase the likelihood of being able to indicate future job performance.
    • Ensure that candidates for a position are assessed on the basis of the skills only relevant to the job.
    • Validity - HELIK PAE is a more valid method of assessment than interviews, academic achievement & reference checks, and when utilised in combination with other techniques are highly extrapolative of future job performance.
    • Cost - HELIK PAE helps to minimise costs while maximising potential fit between the candidate and the job.

  • Uses of PAE
    Research literature strongly supports the view that personality assessment has high utility in the workplace. Evidence and feedback point out that HELIK PAE measures may effectively indicate job performance and enhance organisational output.
    Thus it is used for:
    • Applicant screening
    • Personnel selection
    • Company Profiling
    • Training and development
    • Customer service testing
    • Team Building
    • Career assessment
    • Employee retention

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