HELIK Psychological Services

HELIK Psychological Services is an application of the specialised knowledge of experienced psychologists to solve problems related to human behaviour. Our psychologists work at multiple levels: directly with the individual, individual's part of functional or dysfunctional groups, or in an organisation system as a whole.

  • HELIK Forensic Psychological Services
    • Psychological profiling: A holistic study of a person and his bio-psycho-social background and can be used for cases of malingering, psychological and neuropsychological impairments.
    • Polygraph Examinations: Measuring physiological changes to rule out whether an individual is deceiving or being truthful.
    • Brain Electrical Oscillation Signature Profiling: A scientific technique that analyses the electrical activation related to the presence of Experiential Knowledge which is the memory acquired by an individual by participating in an event.
    • Criminal profiling: A process of developing profile of an individual who has committed an offence based on the behavioral manifestation reflected in a crime scene.
    • Victim & witness counseling: Designed especially for rape victims and minors, whereby counseling services are provided to them to recover from the traumatic incidents.
    • Psychological Autopsy : Conducted specifically in cases wherein it is difficult to ascertain suicide or homicide, Helps in reconstruction of individual's state of mind before his/her death.

    Note: Our expert opinion is admissible under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act by all the Courts of India.

  • HELIK Educational and Career related Psychological Services
    • Career Guidance and counseling programs
    • Individual counseling programs to help individuals deal with various issues pertaining to behaviour, attitudes, stress management, relationships, study skills etc.
    • Life Skills Program inculcates abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour.
    • Workshops for teachers, parents, children on various issues pertaining to stress, anxiety, development etc.
    • Dermatoglyphics Multiple intelligence Test (DMIT) is a test to assess innate potentials of individuals from their fingerprints DMIT is based on the Multiple intelligence Theory of Gardner(1983)
    • SWOT Analysis

  • HELIK Organisational and work related Psychological Services
    • Employee Assistance programs help employees deal with personal & professional issues adversely impacting work performance, health and well being.
    • Employee training and development programs to make the attitude of continuing education an ongoing responsibility.
    • Competency Mapping to identify and describe competencies and skills related to success at work.

  • HELIK Counseling Services
    • Client Counseling services
    • Psychotherapy for treating psychological disturbances

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