HELIK Questioned Document Examination

"Questioned" document is any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other mark whose source or authenticity is in dispute. Some types of documents that come under the examiner's purview include wills, contracts, letters, fake marksheets, ration card, threatening letters, suicide notes, ransom notes, passports, licenses, photocopies and the like. Forensic Document Examination, is an established field of scientific study primarily meant for identification of forgery as well as to establish the authenticity of documents in dispute.

QDE (Questioned Document Examination) has played a major role in investigating criminal and non-criminal cases like murder, forgery, corporate crimes, counterfeiting, organised crimes and sex crimes.

Questioned Document Services:

HELIK has a highly specialised and experienced team dedicated to the forensic study of documents.

  • Identification of the author of disputed handwriting, and/or signatures to determine if they are genuine or a forgery.
    • Handwriting analysis, which attempts to prove that a questioned document came from the same author just as a document known to have been written by the particular person.
    • Signature verification
    • Writing and disguised writings
  • Using specialised techniques, documents can be examined to detect alterations, additions, erasures and obliterations, and the paper, ink and printing substrate can be examined to distinguish between them.
    • Alteration, erasing and over-writings
    • Sequence of strokes in a hand written or typewritten matter
    • Substitution of pages within documents
  • The detection and decipherment of indented impressions often left behind when one writes on a piece of paper while it is resting on others. This can establish the origin and “history” of a document as well as link relevant documents together.
  • Office equipment such as typewriters, laser printers, inkjet printers and photocopiers can leave behind identifying features on a piece of paper. Such documents can be examined to determine association with each other or with the machine which produced them. Similarly, counterfeits can be examined to determine if they originated from the same source.
    • Identify different types of paper, ink, water-marks, copy machines, printer cartridges etc
  • The ribbons from typewriters and facsimile machines also hold information which can be read using our state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Fraud investigation, which follows money trails and often relies on questioned document examination to demonstrate criminal intent.
  • Screening, detection and detailed analysis of counterfeit currency notes
  • Re-assembly of shredded documents - a process that is done entirely by hand - and the retrieval of information from documents that have been damaged, for example by partial burning or submersion
  • Quality and Expertise - The skills of HELIK experts are well-established and proven in their effectiveness in detecting forgeries and related to questioned documents that can serve as evidence to help secure a conviction.

Note: Our expert opinion is admissible under section 45 of Indian Evidence Act by all the Courts of India.

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