HELIK Questioned Document Examination

"Questioned" document is any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other mark whose source or authenticity is in dispute. Some types of documents that come under the examiner's purview include wills, contracts, letters, fake marksheets, ration card, threatening letters, suicide notes, ransom notes, passports, licenses, photocopies and the like.

HELIK Psychological services

HELIK Psychological Services is an application of the specialised knowledge of experienced psychologists to solve problems related to human behaviour. Our psychologists work at multiple levels: directly with the individual, individual's part of functional or dysfunctional groups, or in an organisation system as a whole.

HELIK Fingerprinting Examination

A fingerprint is an impression of the friction ridges found on the inner surface of a finger or a thumb. The science of fingerprinting is considered as an infallible means to identify a human being.

Helik Audio Video Forensics

Audio / Video Authentication is a process that is used to ensures the integrity of recording and verifies that the audio/video recorded using it has not been tampered/altered/doctored.

Helik Digital Forensics

Computer and Cyber Forensic comes under “Digital Forensic”. It is the process to acquire digital evidence, analyse the evidence and report by examining digital storage media such as hard disks, pen drives etc. or network.

Helik Mobile Forensics

It is defined as "The Science to recovery data from Digital Evidence from Mobile Phone, Smart Phones, SIM cards, Memory cards under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods and usefulunder law of evidence.

HELIK Personality Assessment and Enhancement Tool (PAE)

HELIK PAE is an innovative tool designed for the first time in the country to measure personality traits, personal styles and behavioral inclinations. This kind of combination tool has been developed using two techniques - Psychometric test and Handwriting on the basis of qualitative analysis.

Other Forensic Services

DNA Profiling Crime Scene Management, Fire Scene Management All types of Forensic Chemical tests , All types of Forensic Biological tests(Blood serological test) Forensic Photography

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